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Nokia Game 2005

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3250 free nokia theme [11 Jan 2007|08:08pm]
3250 free nokia theme
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1 another life another day

Victor Connoly - Walkthrough [19 Sep 2005|10:43pm]

Your mission is to expand your company Connoly with Lauter & Bach.
You arrive with a helicopter and a Limo is waiting. You get 2 possible questions:
1. Did you bring the figures?
2. Why isn’t Dunya here?
I took the first and the person there couldn’t answer that question. Replaying this mission and asking the other question gave the same result, so this question has no importance.
After this question you have to hire/fire him. (no importance)

Your cell phone rings. Somebody tells you that this evening there’s the party at the Crystal Palace and asks you how you wan’t to dress. Casual or dress (no importance).
Then you see your chauffeur. He’s dressed a bit funny and you have to ask:
1. Did you go mental this morning?
2. Nice outfit, David.
once again, no importance

When you finally arrive in your office your secretary tells you you have to cut costs and you have to fire one or more of your employees.
First of all you see Simon
You ask him 2 questions:
1. What do you think of Bill’s performance?
2. How do you think Janice is doing?
After this you have to choose to see Bill, Natalie or Janice.
I have fired Bill and Janice. But when you watch the news afterwards it sais that you have fired 1 of your 4 staff members, so maybe to achieve high scores you only have to fire 1 staff member.

After this the meeting with Lauter & Bach begins. You have to compose the right deal.
They have a few demands.
Give them what they want, but don’t give them the fontain in their office grin and keep the name Connoly.
If you follow these steps you’ve got yourself a deal and you end your mission by going to the crystal palace.
There you have to find an excuse to your funny clothes.
another day

Ellen Fisher - Walkthrough [19 Sep 2005|10:40pm]

Task 1: Find the continuity errors.

Click on the following continuity errors (note the cursor doesn't turn into a hand for these, you just have to click them);
1) Bag of man at the front of the crowd
2) Head of the guy running after Beatrice (his name's Alan, but you don't get that info yet)
3) Shirt of the guy seen wearing Von Dutch in the intro (it's a cream shirt on the CAM 1 view)
4) Object that the woman at the back is holding to her head
5) Pocket of the guy at the back, next to the woman in 4.

After the first error found, you'll be lectured by your producers (I think they're producers). I don't think the answer's important, but I always picked "Okay, I'll try to go faster"

Task 2: Direct the cues.

Simply click on the cues in this order;
1) Click the general area around the chair on the left. Alan's hiding behind there.
2) Click the phone. It rings (silently) and Alan hides again.
3) Click the doorway on the right. Beatrice comes to answer the phone.
4) Click the right window. The stuntman shuffles across the window.
5) Click the left window. There's an explosion.

After doing 4 for the first time, there's a flower delivery for Suzi hansen, the actress playing Beatrice, so you have to start again.

Task 3: script the kissing scene.

Not only do you have to get the right lines here, you have to get the right intonation. Unfortunately, there's no clue as to which copy of a line is the right intonation until you click it. Fortunately, you get more than one chance, and though the lines are randomly ordered each time you try the life, they’re the same order each time you restart this individual task. The lines I used for a tearjerker scene need to be delivered in just that manner; the alternative will be obvious, as it plays out like an argument. Note which of the two copies of the line is the correct one, and get it right your second try. With all that in mind, hit the following;

Make it a tearjerker.
Beatrice, I think it's time I tell you how I really feel about you.
Oh, Alan!
Listen, after all we've been through today…
No, Alan. No.
You're the one.
I know I haven't always been good to you.
It's okay, Alan. It's okay.
It's okay.

You'll most likely need to try a second time, but you can still succeed the life. The actors give their opinions of the reading each time, if they're generally positive then you're on the right track.

Task 4: Put the finishing touches on your movie.

Simply select a background for the poster and final scene, and then...
"So... which movie title is it gonna be?"
Your creative entry, the movie title.

Task 5 is simply to watch your movie and find out if you succeeded your life.
another day

Sarah Nichols - Walkthrough [19 Sep 2005|10:36pm]

Section 1:
1. Introduce yourself to Guy as Sarah. (He's the one you want to please in this one)
2. Respond something nice (for further advice, it seems always a good idea to be polite in this game)
3. Go to your place and enjoy some one night stands.

Section 2:
1. Answer the phone.
2. After agreeing and hanging up, start reading the script (you can also listen Andy's voicemail and read Guy's message). You have 5 minutes of time total for this section.
Don't worry about the script, you'll get to read it again very soon. (I advice you to take screen captions of each page, the audition lines are random.)
3. Choose a dress. You don't have many options, the only one that seems appropriate is the pink one in the middle.

Section 3:
1. You'll get to read the script for a moment. Now would be a good time for those captions, the four of them.
2. You'll be invited in, after which you have to comment on the previous night with Guy.
I believe this one counts as a slogan, so choose your words carefully!
3. Answer according the script.
There are indeed some lines that don't show when you're reading the script. Optionally, the complete script can be found at www.nogaworld.nl/images/20lives/sarah_nichols/mistymorninginseptember.pdf

As follows:

Give me another chance. I loved
you since the first moment I saw

No, I really loved him. I know he
didn’t always treat me right, but
I don’t want him out of my life.

Why? He left you!

Anna is sitting on a park bench. Michel approaches and sits
next to her. He has a paper cup of coffee.

Anna shouts.

I love you!

Section 4:
1. You'll be harrassed by some of your friends. Be polite, but remember, you're in a hurry. Ask the first ones where Guy is.
2. Next up, a guy that wants to get into your pants. Tell him about Monaco.
3. Tell the next two guys about the casting.

...And you’re done. Yay! That wasn't too hard now, was it?
another day

Gonzo Barber - Walkthrough [19 Sep 2005|10:32pm]

1. The person to take a picture of is on the right window row, 4th window from above. Take pictures of the target.

2. Answer: Sarah Nichols
3. Search with Google "Sarah Nichols" + "tanya hayes casting" (Straight link www.tanyahayescasting.com )
4. Call David
5. Call Sean
6. Drive to Music Hall
7. Offer flight tickets
8. Call Steven (make up your slogan, the creative part of the mission).
9. Drive to Roccio Radio
10. Offer Fuzzalicious -magazine cover
11. Call Suzy
12. Call Zoe
13. Drive to Waterside Boulevard
14. Promise to set up a date
15. Drive to the airport
16. Offer some radio time (airing time)
17. Drive to Hotel Royal
18. Offer tickets of Bobby Hay
19. Call Roccio Radio
20. Tell Steve that he's on the cover of the next Fuzzalicious magazine
21. Drive to the airport
22. Tell him that he has the radio airing time
23. Drive to Waterside Boulevard
24. Say you've set up the date
25. Drive to Music Hall
26. Give the flight tickets
27. Drive to Hotel Royal
28. Give the concert tickets

29. Take a picture of Sarah (Only one chance!) Sarah has dark, long hair and wears a dark dress. The others are mostly blond and short haired. (NOTE! Close the browser window or press ctrl+F5 before she walks by if you don't get the shot! This way you can try again without losing a life.)
30. Life succeeded!
another day

Andrew Rossi -.Walkthrough [19 Sep 2005|10:27pm]

You don't really have to worry about anything before you get to the club.

Section 1:
I'm already in love with somebody else.

Section 2:
A gift for Sarah.
Never thought I'd say this, but… yes.
No, I haven't. Should I? Propably soon.
I honestly don't know.

Section 3:
Yes, but… not if the lady is still here.
Julie, I think we should break up.
I just don't feel we've got it anymore.
I startd feeling this way the last couple of days, I tink. Don't blame youself.
It has nothing to do with the way you look.
our minds, they simply don't match. Our sense of humor isn't the same…
Just be yourself, for goodness sakes.
Choose the yellow present.

Section 4:
Terrible. I made such a mess…
Don't ask me, we broke up.
No rush,
Thanks, are you in the film industry as well?
I brought my own food.
Choose a slogan.
Choose the red present.
another day

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